Story About My Blog that I name as Idaman-info.blogsport.com

1.       Firstly, you believe or not... this is my first article i,am writing in English. So funny Right ? to give you know this secret( my secret ). actually, before this, i never and ever  writing any post or article in English language, because i Know my english is very-very weak  . Now, i thing i must do that. Yes i have very poor English, iam also hate English subject since from school. I'am never like this subject, for me, english subject is very boring to learn.

2.      But now,  i think, i must take this for my challenger .. i should read write and speak in english. that why i want write this article in this blog. For you gays, if your read this post please don't laughter , but you can smile and leave the positif comment or you can make correction on my signs.

3.      I really hope this step can make me increase my confidence level to speak and write article in english, in another word to improve my english. 

4.      So, What else want i write ? ??  ok. i write about my Blog, yes, This Blog. I,am start be a Blogger since i finish my kolej stady. why i create this Blog ? Because i want make money , I learn about the some make the money program with blogging like a Google Adsense, Pay per Clik Program, And i also want to promosi my online business , so i thing this blog can help me to be promoter want business i make with online maketing Plan.

5.      But , is not easy to run business online , there have many-many step to learn.. so i giveup. i forget to give you all know. i start to be Blogger at 2009.  But Now I love this Blog so much and it help me a lot relate to my offline Business. 

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